Language struggles in another country

When i decided to go to another school, I didn’t think about my german or my English, I thought about getting a really special experience that’ll benefit my learning and personal growth. But after arriving and seeing there are almost no Germans, my views and options of how this year was going to go quickly changed. The problem wasn’t that my English was not good enough, it was that I wouldn’t talk german at all. Now I thought about my future in 11th and 12 grade in germany because not only am I getting worse but my friends are getting better. So what could I do to not fall behind? First of all I would have to stay in touch with teachers and students to be updated. Further more I feel like reading ten minutes everyday would just be enough to be able to read fast and increase my vocabulary. And finally we have language support which will hopefully prove useful, Although the only other german student isn’t in my class.



One thought on “Language struggles in another country”

  1. Really interesting point of view! Enjoyable to read, just make sure to double check your spelling and grammar, there’s some minor errors that with just a double check you can identify them easily.


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