Knights of Illusion…

At my previous school Selkirk Montessori, my best friend and I would often play a game during our recess block called knights of Illusion. A game that was mostly played with our imagination. In the game, I would usually play the knight who would go on various quests and face challenges along the way. While I played the knight my friend was normally the Gamekeeper, who would create quests for the knight and give rewards if the quests were completed.

During our recess block every day, we would go to a place called the checkerboard which had a unique layout. We would always play the game there and because of my friend’s creative imagination, there were always new challenges to face every time we went out for recess.

One day my friend made a boss fight for me, which consisted of a dragon with four thousand health points. I was given three lives to successfully kill the dragon but because my weapon at the time was only able to deal two damage to the dragon per hit it took me a total of four recesses to beat the challenge.

We played this game until grade six since, after our grade six years, we did not always have recess, which resulted in us no longer using our imagination and rather focusing on our school work. Even after not getting the chance to play the game anymore, we would sometimes talk about it in class, reflecting on how much fun we had and the different challenges we both faced.