June 1st IRJE: Wings of Fire – The Dragonet Prophecy

In Wings of Fire-The Dragonet Prophecy, by Tui T. Sutherland, Clay’s determination to protect his friends is what makes him brave. He is a MudWing and one of the five Dragonets of Destiny. MudWing dragons are supposed to be lazy, but they are strong. Clay grew up outside of the MudWing kingdom and that affected his life. He had never seen his parents before. Without ever knowing his parents, for years he wondered how MudWings lived within the kingdom. He hatched from a bright red egg on the brightest night with the other Dragonets. His friends: Glory, Starflight, Sunny and Tsunami. For years these five dragons had been kept hidden underneath the mountains of the Sky Kingdom. The dragons yearned to be free from that horrid place. They did receive food but were treated unjustly by the guardian dragons who were supposed to be protecting them. Tsunami had discovered a way that may allow them to escape. There was a river running through the inside of the mountains and there was a chance that it may lead them outside to freedom. One night Clay overheard the guardian dragons mentioning something about killing his friend Glory. 

“I’ll do it tonight while she’s sleeping,” Kestral said. “I can get in there and break her neck before the others know what I’m doing, especially with the bossy one safely chained up. Tsunami’s the only one who could stop me.” (p. 54)

After Clay had heard Kestral say this he immediately began to worry. He wondered how and if he could save his friend. Clay hesitated and decided that he has to protect his friends, he has to make sure they are safe. Clay knew that the only possible way to escape was through the running water where they would drink from. Clay was the only one who could hold his breath for around an hour underwater. Tsunami could breathe underwater but she had been locked up in chains earlier that night. Even if it meant risking his life Clay still volunteered to go. Clay believed that if he could manage to escape then he could uncover a way to assist the other Dragonets to escape as well. Clay may not be a smart dragon, but he is brave. His friends are like the family he never had. Being the largest dragon, Clay felt it was his responsibility to protect his friends and make sure they were safe no matter what. His loyalty towards protecting his friends is what makes Clay an astonishing dragon.