IRJE3 “All For You”

I want talk about how the author handle readers’ mind. I sometimes feel like it plays into the author’s hands when I read this book. It means he is really good at expressing situations and feelings.

The figure is still there.


For what?

For who?

Shivers snake down Connor’s spine as he pushes into his hallway then locks the door behind him.


But even here he doesn’t feel safe.

Since Tyler vanished nowhere feels safe.

He put the sentence “Home” before he wrote Connor’s feelings. This word works like an exclamation by putting only the word. What do we imagine when we hear the word “home”? Probably, family, relief and positive words. However, the atmosphere is radically changed by this next sentence. There is no family in his house. These is no relief in his house. The air is only stagnant and sinking. No lights and no hope. This book uses these techniques to make my emotions going up and down violently. The tension is always so great that it makes us impossible to take our eyes off from each sentence.


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