IRJE “Seven husband but one”

One of the books I recently finished is The seven husband of Evelyn Hugo by Tailor Jenkins Reid. As the title reveals, this Hollywood superstar had seven husbands altogether. But she wasn’t always famous. She was born in the poorest and most toxic place in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and lived there for fourteen years. Her only way from there was her body (because she looked much older and grown up), and her ticket to Hollywood was her first future husband. She never really loved any of them after the second husband because:

“I was going to see her. You’re right.”

“You were going to cheat on me?”

“I was going to leave you, I said. “I think you know that. I think you’ve known that for some time. I am going to leave you. If not for her, for me.”

“For her?” he said.

“I love her. I always have.”

As you can guess from the quote, she was bisexual and loved her best friend who was a lesbian. But in that times, this topic was a big taboo and their relationship was very complicated. This quote is the first time Evelyn said to someone that she loves a woman and it was a big moment. Even after this, she needed to hide this truth for the rest of her life, or else she will lose her job and be imprisoned. So the reason why I chose this quote is that if she lived just few years more, she could live a peaceful life without fear of losing everything. It is indeed interesting how the time changes everything.

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