IRJE: Wilder Girls

The book i’m reading is called Wilder Girls, by Rory Power. As far as I have gotten, and what I have understood so far, the main characters names are Kat and Byatt. And it is based off an all girl school that is placed in the woods. This school that is called Raxter, is an all girls school, and all these girls have grown up to learn that the outdoors is a dangerous place, and if you step outside the fence that is surrounding the school, you are in danger. Which is ironic since their school is literally in the middle of the forest on an island.

The thing that makes the book interesting, is that there is an infectious disease that goes around Raxter school, and is highly contagious. This virus is painful, but not quite deadly, but causes your body to do crazy stuff.

” My first flare up blinded my right eye and fused it shut, and I thought that was all, until something started to grow underneath. A third eyelid, thats what Byatt thought it was. It didn’t hurt. But itched like hell, but I could feel something moving. Thats why I tried to tear it open.” (pg. 15)

These couple sentences stood out to me because you really get the moral of the story behind the disease that goes around. But they also don’t think about it a ton, and it doesn’t seem to bother them enough to care and be worried. They kind of are just used to it and accepted it, which is kind of a sad way to live. But that also reminds of me how we kinda of grew in the past couple years to just accept that fact that COVID-19 was going around. Overall, I am actually excited to get farther into this book, and learn more about the story that is going to happen.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

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