IRJE: Wilder Girls, by Rory Power

I am still continuing Wilder Girls, as I have been getting farther ad farther into the book, it is getting more interesting, and more things that surprise me. One of the main girls, Byatt, goes missing after she had a flare up from the sickness that plays a big part in this book called “The Tox”. Her best friends Hetty and Reese, the main characters, go looking for her, but the only reason that they are “allowed” to leave is because Hetty is on boat shift, the schedule she has be assigned.

Hetty and Reese are terrified to think that Byatt is dead from her flare up. One of the nights they were out looking for her, they see the headmistress, and the head nurse of the clinic, carrying a body bag. They think it is Byatt, but as they wait for them to leave the body bag to go check, Hetty is terrified. They run to the body bag, open it up, it is not Byatt, it is one of the other students that died from one of her flare ups. They are relieved and continue to go back to the school that night.

“My body remembers the shake and the fear as I ran for my life that first time I was out beyond the fence.” (pg. 141.)

This book has a lot of gore which is why it is entertaining to me. It is busy, moves quick, and has different things then i ever could of imagined in a book.

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