IRJE: The Silent Patient

The book “The Silent Patient” talks about Alicia Berenson’s life (a 33 year old artist). She is married to Gabriel, a photographer. Gabriel likes to take pictures of half-naked or half-starved women. She decided to murder him on the twenty-fifth of August in their house. The author goes into good detail about the setting of the story, making it easy for me to picture what was going on.

Then a beam of light revealed Gabriel had been shot several times in the face… The wall behind him was sprayed with fragments of skull, brains, hair— and blood… Blood was everywhere— splashed on the walls, running in dark rivulets along the floor, along the grain of the wooden floorboards.

It would’ve been better if the author explains things like what was going through her head, why she chose to murder him, etc. That would help me establish a better understanding of the story. After the murder, Alicia wouldn’t say anything, and the only thing she did was paint.

Alicia remained silent throughout the interview…. She answered no questions. She could not, would not, speak. Nor did she speak when charged with Gabriel’s murder… Alicia never spoke again.. Alicia remained silent—but she made one statement. A painting.




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  1. You did not follow the proper layout for IRJE. There should only be one quotation. other than that good job.


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