IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo reads Diomedes’ notes on Alicia to try to discover more information about her. He finds out about her past, about how she self harms and is observed two on one for 6 months. She’s always invisible, but one time she lost control and tried to slash Elif’s throat. After reading through the files and not acquiring much information, Theo went to the Slaughtered Lamb with Yuri to get a drink. They talked about Yuri’s past, then went on to talk about Theo’s past.

Theo went to meet his wife, Kathy, at the National Theatre Café. Kathy talks to him for a bit, then started to talk to her friends about how Theo and she met.

I don’t remember exactly how we were introduced, but I do remember the first moment I saw Kathy. It was like an electric shock. I remember her long black hair, piercing green eyes, her mouth—she was beautiful, exquisite. An angel… “Remember, Theo? How we got talking? You said you were training to be a shrink. And I said I was nuts—so it was a match made in heaven.”

Daniel turns to leave, telling Marianne it was time for them to leave. Theo and Kathy continued staying and drinking.