IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo goes to the Grove, located in the oldest part of Edgware hospital and meets Yuri, the head psychiatric nurse. He also met another woman, Stephanie Clarke, manager of the Grove. After meeting the people, he goes into a community meet with around 30 people. In the middle of the meeting, a large Turkish comes in and hurls 2 spears towards the people. Elif was angry because the pool cues broke a week ago and wasn’t fixed yet.

It was a pool cue, snapped in two. The massive patient, a dark-haired Turkish woman in her forties, shouted, “Pisses me off. Pool cue’s been broke a week and you still ain’t f***ing replaced it.”

Theo calmed Elif down by talking to her, proving his psychiatric skills. After that, he heads over to Professor Diomede’s office. The room was filled with instruments like piano, violins, etc. Theo learns the people abandoned therapeutic work on Alicia, because she refuses to speak. The professor agrees to arrange a meeting between Theo and Alicia and see if he could help her. Alicia gives no emotions at all, and doesn’t reply when people talk to her. For the rest of the time, they both sat in silence.