IRJE Stormbreaker 12/1/2019

The book Alex Rider Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz is about an orphaned boy, who became after the death of his uncle Ian Rider a secret agent at MI6. In chapter 6 Alex is on his final training mission. He is currently in a plane with his K-Unit preparing to make a parachute jump. The following scene describe an interesting situation with his groupmate:

Wolf picked himself up. His eyes briefly met Alex’s and in that moment Alex knew. Wolf was a popular leader He was tought and he was fast— completing a thirty-mile hike as if it were just a stroll in a park. But he had a weak spot. Somehow he had allowed this parachute jump to get to him and he was too scared to move. It was hard to believe , but there he was, frozen in the doorway, his arms rigid, staring out.

This scene is very interesting for me, because it shows that an older guy in his group is not infallible . Alex Rider is the hero of this situation, because he sees the problems- Wolf has in this moment. Alex pushes him out of the plane and Wolf doesn’t lose his face. I enjoyed the later reaction of Wolf, because Wolf approaches Alex on his way out and thanks him. They shake hands and go separate ways.


3 thoughts on “IRJE Stormbreaker 12/1/2019”

  1. Hey Simon, this sounds like such a cool book! One note is to just remember to add commas when there seems to be a natural pause, to make your writing flow more consistently.

  2. Hi Simon, I really like your explanation of the quote and the language you used, I’d suggest using some more punctuation, otherwise, it sounds great.

  3. Hi Simon,
    I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book you’re reading. I’ve read this book and think it’s great. I like how you expressed your feeling about the scenes.


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