IRJE “Scythe”

Scythe is about a dystopian society were one cannot die by any regular cause, hunger, disease, misery, war, age, all those things are in the past, the only way one can die now is by being murdered by a scythe, scythes are people chosen to kill others to be able to keep population under control. Citra and Rowan are teens that are both chosen to be apprentecies to a scythe, which non of them want to be, tho they must for not only themselves but their loved ones too, they learn the hardships of carrying such role in society.

The book itself has a very deep meaning im barely getting into, it talks a lot about the beauty of life and the art of taking life, the start and the end. I havent really found a quote that has hit me hard, but there is one moment at the start of the book were Rowan finds himself in a situation were he goes in a room where a fellow student named Kohl that was chosen by a scythe to die, the thing is that Rowan didnt know Kohl, he was the popular type of kid while Rowan was an introvert, even then, he was there for him and almost died with him at that exact moment, i reitirate, they didnt know each other until that very day. Im looking forward to this book.

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