IRJE: Ruin of Stars By: Linsey Miller

The main character lost her family due to five Erlend nobles. North Star, Deadfall, Riparian, Caldera, and Winter destroyed Nacea. The Queen named her Opal and trained her to become an assassin to help take out the Erlend nobles. Opal wanted to kill Caldera’s daughter first, then kill him, but decided against it because Caldera’s daughter was innocent. After that, she goes into Caldera’s room and talks to him, trying to get some information out of him. He tries to yell for help and escape but fails miserably. After getting the information she needed, she went ahead and stabbed a knife through his chest and ended his life.

I tucked the blanket back around Caldera’s daughter and left. I could comprehend killing his kid to get at him, but I wasn’t him. Caldera’s daughter was no more at fault for her father’s deeds than Elise was for hers, and only Caldera was dying tonight. -Pg 4

I think this quote is important because it shows how angry Opal feels after Caldera murdered her parents. Even though she is filled with hatred, she still kept her conscious and refrained from doing what he did. If someone hurts my family, I would probably not be able to stop myself from hurting that person’s loved ones too.


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  1. Ryan, you need to identify the author and book title in the first sentence, not in the title of the post. And that first sentence should contain your assertion, too: “In Linsey Miller’s ‘Ruin of the Stars,’ we see how angry Opal feels after Caldera murders her parents.” Don’t bury the assertion in the middle of the paragraph.

    •Page citations need to be in this form: (p. 4).
    •Use the present tense, consistently.
    •”Quote” is a verb; “quotation” is the noun.
    •”Conscious” ≠ “conscience.” Look them up and learn the difference.

  2. Hello Ryan. I like your IRJE, this sounds like an interesting book. One thing that would make this post easier to understand for me would be if you more clearly said what each of the names you mentioned is. For instance, what are “Erlend nobles”? Is Erlend a place? A class in the noble hierarchy? Also, what is “Nacea”?


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