IRJE Percy Jackson:The Titans Curse

In Percy jackson: The titans curse, the main conflict in the story happens when percy and his friends arrive at the military school and are recieved by a commander who seems to be the instructor of the school. Altough he seems normal and human at first when percys friends recognize that he is a monster they start to be more cotious. The main objective of Percy and his friends is to save the demigods or halfbloods form the military school before the military men discover them and they take them away. They start to blend in and they discover the dark secrets of th emilitary school sucha s the one that it is run by some monsters who want to eleminate the demigods so that they dont go to the halfblood camp. Percys mission it to stopt he monsters form discovering the halfbloods and he and his friends have to save them and take them back to the camp before it is too late. If they fail the effort put into the extraction mission of Grover and of the demigods will all be in vain and all of the work and rpogress done so far would have gone to waste. And also if they gave up the monsters would basically have a free passage to the cmap.

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