IRJE One Us is Lying

In one of us is lying is a very interesting brook from what I read because I haven’t finished it yet but im almost done.

In the school they are there is this Vlog where they tell gossips about everyone at that school at the writer is called Simon Kellher everyone hated him because if he wrote about you you’re social life would be over people would stop talking to you for like a week until the next gossip started, the book starts with 6 people in detention and we don’t know how they are  Simon Kellher , Bronyn Rojas Nate  Mcauley, Cooper Clay, Addy Prentiss, Jake Riorden after that there a crash airside the school so the teacher leaves and Simon is bothering people about the vlog he makes a really dramatic scene and then he drinks water and  he starts  choking with the water.

“This tastes like crap.”

“Simon, she says, shaking his shoulder.” Are you okey ” what happened ? Can you talked ?”


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