IRJE- One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus is a high school murder mystery. The book takes us through the lives of the 5 main characters to find out whos the murder. Bayview high is well known for its gossip app created by Simion. the five characters find themselves in detention together but before detention ends Simon is dead.  This quotation is Bronwyn asking Simon about the next post he’s going to make on his gossip app.

“Whose lives are you ruining next, Simon?”

Simon falls into step beside me as I move against the flow of students heading for the exit. “It’s a public service,” he says with a dismissive wave. pg.3

This quotation is our first insight into Simon and his personality. We learn he is the creator of the renowned gossip app, and that he has little care for others emotions. I like that this is our first interaction with him. I think it makes you dislike him, so when he’s murdered, you might not feel as bad for him as if the first interaction was amicable.