IRJE#1 – November 9

The book I am reading is called November 9 by Colleen Hoover. The novels main characters are two 18-year-olds, a young girl named Fallon and a young man named Ben. Fallon is a daughter of a famous movie star, who recently got into a house fire that left scars all over her body which ultimately ended her acting career. Ben is an aspiring writer, who hasn’t published any books because he doesn’t allow people to read his work. This novels plotline is a love story between two teenagers who have just met and will soon live thousands of miles away from each other because Fallon is leaving to move to New York to pursue her acting career, whereas Ben is staying in LA.

“What if we meet up again next year on the same day? And the year after that? We’ll do it for 5 years. Same date, same time, same place. We’ll pick up where we left off tonight, but only for the day. I’ll make sure you’re following through with your auditions, and I can write a book about the days that we are together.” (Page. 72)

This book interests me because it is relatable for a younger audience. I think that the plotline is intriguing and interesting.

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