IRJE: November 1st (Crime and Punishment)

Crime and Punishment, written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is about the physical and mental struggles of Raskolnikov, a former student who madly murders an old pawnbroker and is overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. He returns to his room after the murder and anxiously checks for traces of blood. Then he hides the items he stole from the pawnbroker in haste and becomes frustrated with himself. The servant of his landlady wakes him up the next morning and tells him that he is summoned to the police station. Although it is unlikely that the police will suspect him for the murder, he is extremely worried.

If they question me, perhaps I’ll simply tell,” he thought, as he drew near the police station.” (p.77)

It is interesting to see how his thoughts can change so fast. He is defeated by guilt after the murder and made an effort destroying the evidence. However, I think that he almost hopes for the police to question him about the murder so that he wouldn’t need to keep it all to himself. He gave himself an instant boost of courage. This sentence also indicates the following plot. It tells us that Raskolnikov will eventually confess his crime. This makes me think that Raskolnikov would be in a much better situation if he had someone that he trusts. But that is a luxury, and Raskolnikov was impoverished.