IRJE#3 – It Ends with Us

I am reading “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hover. The book is about 2 people: Ryle Kincaid and Lily Bloom who meet at Andrew, Lilys dad’s funeral. Her dad was very abusive towards Lilys mom Jenny. He also put Lilys first love in the hospital and called Lily a “shame to the family” after he found out that she was dating a homeless man.

Ryle is a work driven person who is too focused on his career to have a relationship, whereas Lily wants to have a relationship and not just being “used” for his pleasure.

“You should try my method” he says

Which is?

“One-night stands” He raises an eyebrow, like it’s an invitation.

I’m glad it’s dark because my face is on fire “I could never sleep with someone if I didn’t see it going anywhere.” Pg. 23

This is a conversation Lily and Ryle had when they were together in an apartment. He admits that he is aware that all he focuses on is his career and doesn’t make time for himself which is why the thought of a committed relationship does not appeal to him.

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