IRJE Fire and blood

In the first part of fire and blood, the new book that I am currently reading, they introduce us to house Targaryen, a house in the universe of game of thrones and that is one of the most powerful houses which has learned to have dragons as allies. After the wars of conquest, it destroyed a smaller regime which was opposing the house and then it created the kings landing castle. They also introduce us to the founder of the house who si taegon the conqueror and eh expanded a lot the territory of the new house. he united several tribes under one banner and he also made a great standing power. This is shown in the quote “the iron throne will go to the man who is strong enough” which also reflects the power and will necesary to sit on the irn throne and rule over all of weteros even though at the begining Aegon didnt really care a lot about affaris in Westeros but over time and as house Targaryen started gaining power and territory it started to have to get more engaged in politics and foreign affairs. Finally as he started to expand the base of influence of his house he was forced to stablish relationships with other houses.

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