IRJE, Divergent

Erudite has published two more articles attacking Abnegation. the primary accuses them of withholding goods, and therefore the second argues that politicians shouldn’t be chosen from one faction.

“I didn’t get down the roof because I wanted to be just like the Dauntless. I jumped off because I already was like them, and that I wanted to point out myself to them. I wanted to acknowledge a neighborhood of myself that Abnegation demanded that I hide”

Though the initiates are almost totally quarantined from the surface world, they are doing have access to those biased reports attacking Abnegation and its leaders. Worse, the Candor initiates seem to be in on the scheme. Molly was told by the reporter that blatant lies to form the Abnegation leaders, specifically Tris’ father, seem evil, and Peter is doing his best to spread the misinformation among the opposite initiates.