IRJE: “All This Time”


The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by  Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott. Kyle is improving each time more with his feelings, he is realizing more and more the situation. Sam, Kyles best friend, is still looking for Kyle and wants to keep their friendship together but Kyle has been having problems with Sam and doesn’t know if he wants to keep being his friend. They are getting into fights because of Kimberly although Kyle was already over it.

“I never knew love could feel like this. That it could get so deep inside me that I have two hearts beating in my chest…“ I pull her hand up to rest above my heart. “Yours and mine. As long as we love each other, Marley, this will last. Nothing is going to stop or change that. I will love you forever. I promise.“ page. 198

Kyle is still seeing Marley and they are trying to have a relationship even-though  their personal problems. This quote is important because it means that Kyle is accepting the love he has for Marley. All the emotions and feelings are finally showing and he is confessing to Marley. He is experimenting new emotions, feelings he had never felt and he is scared of it, he doesn’t want his heart to break again.

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