IRJE “All This Time”

The book I’m reading is called “All This Time“, by Mikki Daughtry and Rachel Lippincott. The book is very interesting because is getting more and more intriguing each time. Kyle is still trying to go over his dead girlfriend Kimberly, and he is still getting flashbacks about her every time. He went to visit her to the cemetery, there he sees a girl, Marley. Everything happened so fast, they two started hanging out, they went to get lunch. One day Kyle decide to invite Marley to his house to have dinner with his mom. Kyles mom was intrigue in knowing Marley. Since Kyle has known Marley he has been more happy, he goes out more and doesn’t get that much flashbacks of Kimberly. Marley accept going to Kyles house. Kyle was so excited but at the same time he started to fill guilt about Kimberly. He didn’t let himself be happy again because of what had happen to Kimberly. He was still blaming himself for that. Marley arrived and everyone started panicking, she left and Kyle went behind her. He wanted to talk and short things out.

“The thing is… I do know exactly what she means by “us”.

We just get each other. And even though it feels like something I shouldn’t admit, I can’t help but be excited about our do-over.

Excited about us”.

I feel that this quote is really important for Kyle, it means that he is finally moving on with his life, although it’s sometimes hard but he is trying. He feels a strong connection with Marley since they both experienced the dead of someone close. Kyle is constantly thinking that everything happens for a reason and if he meet Marley its because something is going to happen, they both are going to help each other.

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