IRJE: All for You

The book which I reading is “All For You” by Louise Jensen. The family has Kieron who has a terrible disease. This makes the family apart gradually. Mysterious incidents continued to occur around this family. First of all, I love descriptions of conditions and situations in this book. The author skillfully used new lines, inversion and various fonts to create tension and thrill for the reader.

I want to ask who put it there but I’m desperate for a rational explanation can hold tightly against my chest.

Someone has been watching me.

A gift from a cat , most likely, Aiden says.

But we don’t have a cat. And neither do any of our neighbours.

These are sentences after the family found the death birds in front of their house. Only this sentence “Someone has been watching me” is in a different font from the others, which gives me a sense of meaning. Something terrifying. It is as if it’s only part of the beginning. I felt it was interesting not focus on only story but also on author’s techniques.


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