In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and his brother Eden have moved to a new city in the hopes to start a better life after having lost their family in a civil war. Daniel hopes that a new life will keep his little brother safe and give him more opportunities but unfortunately Eden becomes involved with Dominic Hann, a major crime lord in the country. In one of Eden’s meetings with Dominic Hann he tells Eden about all the things he has gone through to get to where he is now, all the hardships he has faced that have turned him into who he is today.

And I found myself wondering about the fine lines in our lives that turn us one way or the other-that the hardships my brother or June faced twisted them in one direction, while Hann went in another.” (p. 315)

I picked this quote because I found it interesting to think about how people react differently to similar situations, but how it can impact them in different ways. Some people learn from hardship and grow from it while others get stuck in the hardship and never let go of the pain it caused them. The same experience can make people go down different paths.




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