IRJE #6 – Fire and Blood

The book im reading Fire and Blood tells the story of the family the Targaryens, and their rule over the land of Westeros, so far its been really good. In the book so far after the death of King Aegon II, his brother Maegor, decided to just take his brothers place as king even if he couldnt, told his entire family that he was the king, because he wanted to be, then tamed the strongest dragon, had 3 wives, and ruled the land for 6 bloody years. One quote I really like when I was reading was this one:

Maegor, the First of His Name, came to the throne after the sudden death of his brother, King Aenys, in the year 42 AC. He is better remembered as Maegor the Cruel, and it was a well-earned sobriquet, for no crueler king ever sat the Iron Throne. His reign began with blood and ended in blood as well.


This depicts Maegors rule really well since everything he did, every step he took, every decision he made, was made at the cost of blood, didnt matter who, didnt matter what happened, someone would die gruesomely. Eventually his rule would come to an end when his nephew declared rebellion against him, every lord joined him except a few, Maegor was furious and one night was found dead in the throne with blades through his wrists and neck, no one knows who did it, but his nephew would now rule the land.

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