In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and Eden are two brothers whose lives have been changed by a civil war that killed their parents. The two brother used to be really close but now that their parents had died, Daniel has to act as a parent is is really protective of his little brother Eden. As a result they have grown apart and don’t understand each other as well. Daniel starts to realize this and make an effort to get to know his little brother and make sure he understands him. Both the brothers realize how important family is and try to understand all the traumatic things they went through together.

I cry for all the lives that our pasts have set on different paths-for June’s loss of her family, for Tess’s loss of her childhood, for Daniel becoming a parent when he was himself just a boy. I cry because I’m grateful that we still, inspire of everything, have all found each other.

Because sometimes, broken pieces find a way to make a new whole. (p. 270)

I picked this quote because I liked the line that said broken things can make new wholes. I think it paints a visual picture that clearly represents their situation. I also like that it takes a word that has a very harsh, sad meaning and turns it into something that is positive.

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