I am still reading the book drive Your plow Over The Bones Of The Dead by Olga Tokarkczuk. I am further into the book, past chapter 5 and the book is escalating and getting more interesting. In Chapter 5, gunfire can be heard outside when Janina awakens. She firmly gets into her car and heads out to the area where hunters have elevated raised wooden blinds known as pulpits so they can fire at wild wildlife. She is aware of what this is. At least 20 men with firearms are present. They are reassured that their pheasant hunt is legitimate when Janina confronts them furiously. One of their group includes the police commander. This is the same person who dismissed her past grievances over Big Foot. She swings fiercely at a few of the hunters before walking away.

“The Prison is not outside, but inside each of us. Perhaps we simply don’t know how to live without it.” -Olga Tokarkczuk

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