IRJE 4, the dumb kidnapper

The second book of the Folk of the Air series The wicked king is a great continuation of the first one named The cruel prince. The whole series is famous and well-known across the world among young people. The story continues after a few months where the first one ended. The main character, Jude, tricked everybody into crowning a new king that was in her power because he signed a bargain with her. She, in fact, became the King of the Elfhame and needs to deal with every problem in the country. Her old bullies and kingdom enemies hate her and plan a vicious scheme about how to get the crown for themselves.

“I don’t know what trick you performed on him, but I will discover it,” she says, unnerving me with how close her guess comes to the mark.

“You think I performed a trick because Cardan likes me better than you,” I say. “But you shot at him with a crossbow bolt. Of course he likes me better.”

Her face goes pale, her mouth opening in surprise.

This was one of the funny-serious situations. Jude is kidnapped under the sea in the Sea kingdom on the order of the queen. The queen’s daughter, Narcisia, is one of Jude’s bullies who is in love with the real king. It is hard for Narcisia to believe that he talks to Jude more than to her. She believes that she tricked him into something and that he does not love her. Jude answers in a funny way that of course he likes her more when you shot him with a crossbow (which she really did, out. of jealousy).

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