I’m currently reading a book called “Every Single Lie” by Rachel vincent which tells us the story of a teenage girl that is in her last year of high school, but little she knew that this was going to be one of the weirdest, mysterious and concern year of her life. She tells us that her boyfriend is a cheater and that’s why she had broken up whit him, but she doesn’t have proof of it. So the year start in a negative way. But her life changed after the first day of school. She had a pretty normal day for a high school student, busy and boring. She wanted to take a break from people and went to the girl’s gym changing rooms that were closed because of renovations, she wanted to have a peace full lunch, but she got caught by surprise with an unalive body inside of a gym bag which had the same yellow painting stain that her ex-boyfriend’s gym bag.

A smear of red catches my eye on the floor of the left-hand shower. Paint dripped on the tile.

No, wait. It’s thin and watery, and entirely the wrong shade of red.

I head down the aisle, and when I squat in front of the empty shower stall, I realize the paint isn’t paint at all. It looks like blood, diluted when someone tried to wash it down the drain.

Which is still dripping …

This quotation tells us in detail how she notices the perturbing scene that now she has to deal with because she is now a witness. This book is about how she is solving this case to find the truth behind it. during her life, she never had anyone to trust and when she found someone he betrayed her.

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