In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and his little brother Eden have moved from the Republic to Antarctica. This book is the fourth book of a series and is set in the future so there is a lot of advanced technology, especially in Antarctica. Daniel and his brother are adapting to the new lifestyle and technology in their new home.

Sunset in Antarctica, of course, isn’t really sunset at all. It’s a simulation created by the biodome encasing Ross City. Still, it doesn’t make it any less beautiful, and by the time I meet up with June in front of the hotel where the Elector is staying, swaths of pink and purple are streaking the sky. (P.83)

This quote was interesting to me because it shows an idea of a future where something as natural as a sunset has become a simulation. It is set in the future in a city that is meant to be perfect. I found it interesting to see the similarities and the issues of the real world shown through the book.

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