IRJE #4: Sinners Condemned

In the book Sinners Condemned by Somme Sketcher, Rafe is a man who owns multiple casinos in Las Vegas, he is part of a really big family of gamblers. He had been sitting outside of a gypsy’s wagon and then when the lady came out he had asked her to read his cards for him.

Internships at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. A master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Hell, the only reason I bought a casino in Vegas was to learn the ropes before I built my legacy back home.
Home. Fuck. I’ve always thought home is where my family is, but now I’m not so sure. I know I could always go back to the Coast. Uncle Alberto would take me on as a Caporegime for the Devil’s Cove outfit, or if I wanted to keep my hands clean, he would give me a position on the board at his whiskey company in Devil’s Hollow. (p. 18)

I chose this quotation because it made me think about home. How some people may not think of their family as home but rather something else. Perhaps, they feel home isn’t with their family but at school with friends, work or a place like the beach. For me I feel like I have multiple “homes.” Of course I have my actual house and that’s one home with my family. I also feel like when I’m at my friends house, I’m also at my home. I also feel like rivers are another “home” I have. However, this is different with Rafe. Rafe isn’t sure wether he feels that home is with his family or if its down at the Coast and I think that that’s normal, to not know because you have more then one place you call home.



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