IRJE 3 “promise”

The cruel prince by Holly Black became a popular book this summer. I am always scared to try popular books because I get too overwhelmed by everybody’s reactions and that might ruin it for me. But this book did not disappoint. The main character Jude is a human girl from the human world. But her mom had a secret. There is a different world with creatures that she thought are just in books. When a man from her mother’s past visited their house and killed her, Jude and her two sisters were taken and forced to live with him in Faerie. She has a very hard life as a human among magic-gifted creatures because, for them, she’s just an inferior human, a servant.

“Would you forswear a promise for me?”

“What promise?”

“Any promise,” he says lightly, although it is no light thing he is asking.

“I guess it depends,” I say, because the real answer, a flat no, isn’t what anyone wants to hear.

“Do you love me enough to give me up? Isn’t that a test of love?”

“I-I don’t know,” I say. All this must be leading up to some declaration on his part, either of affection or of a lack of it.

“Do you love me enough to weep over me?”

“You mean if you were hurt?”

“I mean if I hurt you.”

I chose this quote because this was the first time she trusted a faerie after her whole life hating them. He told her how beautiful she is, how special she is, and made her feel like never before. And she fell for it. This dialogue happened at a royal ball when they were dancing together. He was just playing with her feelings and dumped her. It was a big betrayal from his side that I did not expect at all which made this book even more interesting (I got really mad tho).

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