IRJE #3: Iron Widow

In the book Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao there are these large monster like creatures, called Hunduns, that are trying to break into the peoples home. The people use the dead corpses of the Hunduns to create Chrysalis to keep them out of the city. There is a girl who gets sold by her family to help pilot one of the Chrysalis. The book continues with how she becomes one of the best pilots, powers up their Chrysalis and then near the last part of the book when Zetian is fighting with every other Chrysalis, trying to wipe them out once and for all, something happens that changes the whole plot of the book.

“Zetian, it’s all a lie! Everything’s a lie!”

I blink. “I know-”

“No it’s nothing about the pilot system! It’s the planet! This isn’t our planet!”

“What . . . ?” I breath. In the yin seat, Qin Zheng stirs sharply to attention.

Yizshi sounds so winded that he struggles to speak. “My people recovered a quartz drive of documents in the planet rubble. The entire idea that the Hunduns destroyed our previous civilization- its not real! Our ancestors were dropped onto this planet! The Hunduns are the natives not us-!”

(page. 390)

I chose this part as it made me quiet confused as well as shocked. The author had written the book, building up this whole image in my head. The way everything was written suggested that the Chrysalis had inavded the planted. However in the last chapter or so the writer completely destroyed that thought, instead making it the humans who had invaded, and destroyed their home, though most were unaware of that.

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