IRJE – Good Habits, Good Students by E.T.MacKnight:

The book Good Habits, Good Students by E.T.MacKnight is “A Complete Guide for Students Who Want to Succeed”. The main ideas I pulled from reading it were, that in order to be a good student, we need good habits. Good habits may come from asking parents to remind us to read, study and do homework; making sure to get enough sleep, exercise, and water so that we’re ready to learn the next day; or setting achievable goals to help us stay focused. My favorite thing from this book was how it talked about making realistic goals, and to focus on one goal or area that needs the most improvement rather than feeling overwhelmed trying to fix multiple simultaneously;

Don’t try to solve all your problems at once. Pick just one area that needs improvement, and work on it until you’ve reached your goal. To turn your achievement into a new habit, repeat the behavior you are practicing until it becomes automatic.

Set a realistic goal. Decide in advance what you need to do to meet the goal, how you will measure success and what your deadline will be. If you fail to reach the initial goal, revise it and try again. (Ch 3, Pg 7)

I found this part particularly helpful because it is speaking truth, and although we may know that, occasionally we will need to be reminded that good habits don’t come easily. If we make unrealistic goals, we may become upset or feel like giving up. But if our goal is not being achieved, change the goal, go one step at a time, and try again. Once we meet the goal, it becomes an achievement and now we can turn it into a good habit that can improve our education and/or our day to day life.

This book has been very useful and I would highly recommend reading it if you are needing a reminder of how to become a better student or simply wanting an informative read.

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