IRJE 2 “show her the truth”

NINTH HOUSE is a fantasy book about the main character Galaxy “Alex” Ster. The author of this book is Leight Bardugo. She is a popular author in the fantasy genre and wrote many books that became bestsellers, one of them got a Netflix adaptation. The story is telling Alex’s experience at a magic school Lethe that is specialized in ghosts. And since she can see ghosts from her youngest years, that’s where she belongs. The school found her in the hospital after she overdosed herself by drugs that helped Alex with her special power. She had nowhere to go anymore and the school took her under its wings to continue its research on Grays (how they called ghosts).

As soon as the gate shut, darkness enveloped them. From somewhere beneath the house, a howl sounded, high and hungry. Galaxy Stern had asked what she was in for. It was time to show her.

I choose this quote because it shows her first experience in this arcane school. Alex got a guardian named Darlington who is supposed to help her with her studies and show Alex around. She asked him what she was in for and he unleashed a troop of dangerous “dogs” on her to show Alex how dangerous this school is. In the end, nothing happened to her and Darlington proved his point.

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