IRJE #2: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

In the book it’s kind of a funny story, by Ned Vizzini, Craig the main character gets depressed and stressed from his school and he stops eating and sleeping, he faces major stress and even reverts to killing himself, but he thinks about it and just can’t, one night he is super stressed and starts looking through his mom’s books and finds a number called a suicide hotline, he calls the number and they tell him to go to the hospital he goes to get checked out because he knows he has a problem, he reaches the hospital without telling his mom and he thinks about how he is gonna call her and tell her where he is while they are asking Him questions and testing him to see if he is okay, he finally gets the courage to call his mom and struggles to say hello

Hi mom I’m in the hospital. No hey, mom are you sitting down? Hey, mom” I say when I hear her groan hello. “How are you?” “Craig! Where are you? I just—you just woke me up and you are not in bed! Are you okay?” I’m okay.” “Are you at Aarons?” “uh . . .” I suck air through my teeth. “No, mom. I am not at Aaron’s “where are you?” “I, Uh . . .I freaked out last night, and I was feeling really bad, and I, um, I checked myself into Argenon Hospital.” “Oh, my goodness.” she stops and hitches her breath. I hear her sit down, and exhale. “You…. are you okay.” “well, I mean—I wanted to kill myself.” “Oh, Craig.” There is no crying, but I hear her put her face in her hands (pg.167, 168)

This shows how Craig failed to call his mom and struggled to talk to her because he was afraid but in the end, he overcomes his fear and tells he where and what happened even if she doesn’t take it well.

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