IRJE: #2 It Ends With Us

In the book It Ends With Us by Love by Collen Hoover, one character named Atlas is a homeless boy who was kicked out by his stepfather and mother. There is an abandoned house by Lily Bloom’s house and he has been living there. Lily had helped Atlas, made sure he had food, blankets and eventually they grew close, until he moved away to Boston.  Later in the book Lily runs into him in Boston at a restaurant.

Surely that wasn’t really Atlas. But those eyes- his mouth. I know it’s been years since I saw him, but I’ll never forget what he looked like. It had to be him. I know it was and I know he recognized me, too, because the second our eyes met . . . it looked like he had seen a ghost. (page. 132)

I chose this quote because it brought a punch of emotion with it. After reading about how Lily recalled her memories I felt really sad for Atlas even though he was just a character written in ink. Reading that Atlas had made it through being kicked out and before that abused made me feel quite happy, even if I know its not real but it made me wonder about others who became homeless because of reasons like those. I remember growing up when we saw someone homeless we would try to offer them some things we had, like food, but I had always wondered what had gotten them into that situation.

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