IRJE #2: Handmaid’s Tale

The book that i am reading now is titled “The Handmaids Tale” I have finished the first chapter of this book and i have found the book interesting to read.

The book is about Offred, the narrator of the story whom describes sleeping on army cots in a gymnasium with other women. Aunt Sara and Aunt Elizabeth patrol with electric cattle prods slung around their waists, and the women are forbidden from speaking aloud, whisper to avoid drawing attention. The women walk in the former football field twice a day, which is surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. Angels, armed guards, patrol the perimeter. The Angels stand outside the fence with their backs to the women while the women go for their walks. The women yearn for the Angels to notice them. They believe that if the men look at them or talk to them, they will be able to use their bodies to make a statement.

I like that the book is nicely paced with words that i find slightly challenging but i learn new words from it.

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