In the book The Deal, by Elle Kennedy, Hannah is a university student and has just been given her midterm grade, found out that she is the only one who had aced it. She looks around her and sees Justin, Hannah has the world’s biggest crush on him. He looked back at her and gave her a slight smile. As soon as class is over she stands up and starts heading out of the lecture hall with her friend when she realizes she had forgotten something. She hurries inside and  sees Garrett Graham the captain of the hockey team. He is still sitting in his seat gripping is midterm as tightly as possible. She inquires about what is making him mad and sees that he had gotten a C-. He then looks up and sees that Hannah had gotten an A and immediately asks if she could tutor him. SHe refuses and walks away. Over the next few days every time Garrett sees Hannah he keeps asking and she keeps refusing. Until one day Hannah agrees when garrett says he knows how to help her get with Justin. Over the next few weeks Hannah helps Garrett study for the retake. Garrett and Hannah start to fall for eachother and thats when he realizes

“Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.”(p.554)

I like this quote because I relate to it. When I came to Canada I refused to make any new friends because I didn’t want to forget about my old ones. But after I met my best friends I realized that when people sneak up on you, you forget how you could have ever lived without them.

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