IRJE 1: Arséne Lupin

          In the stories of Arséne Lupin by Maurice Leblanc, the main character/narrator, Arsene Lupin is introduced as a mysterious and shadowy figure; with the book not providing the details of who he actually is. The impression of “Shadowy” and “Mysterious” is meant to be a part of Arsene Lupin’s characteristics. As the story proceeds, Arsene Lupin locates a mysterious card under his carpet: the seven of hearts. 

“Inch by inch, I made a careful examination of the room. It was in vain. Unless I could consider this a discovery: Under a small Persian rug, I found a card – an ordinary playing card. It was the seven of hearts; it was like any other seven of hearts in French playing cards, with this slight but curious exception: The extreme point of each of the seven red spots or hearts was pierced by a hole, round and regular as if made with the point of an owl” (pg.5) 

This quote came to my mind particularly, as it is the first quote that sets a clear point of the book – a mystery novel. While still unsure of the identity of Arsene Lupin, it points out some of his characteristics and personalities; such as his act of being cautionary and quick. The card seven of hearts was first introduced to the novel; which will now be the main mystery for the readers to solve. As the story continues, more and more evidence will hopefully reveal the hidden identity of the veiled Arséne Lupin. 

 –   Jm. E . Yoon 

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