IRJ Ashley

THAT SUMMEN IR PARIS written by Morley Callaghan, one night at dinnertime  Callaghan and his wife, they were looking at the priest and callaghan´s wife went with the priest after dinner and the priest told us about himself.

After dinner in the lounge my wife spoke to the big lonely priest, and we sat down with him for an hour, and he told us about him. This priest, whom I´ll call Father Tom, for he may still be alive, was the Catholic chaplain for a California penitentiary housing incorrigible criminals who were there for life. In ten years he had walked to the execution chamber with sixteen men. All this year he had been breaking out into strange intermittent fevers.


I choose this quote because I think this part is different and so interesting, I feel like I was reading more than just about Morley and his wifi. Everything the priest said was very interesting and very impressive of what he said.