IR Ashley

That summer in Paris is a book written by Morley Callaghan, the story talks about a man with all the stories he has to tell, all the experience in this city and more.

Some writers like to sit for long hours at their desks. Not me. At the time the New  Yorker had written asking if I had any Stories. I began to work on some. And I was also working on the novel that was to be called It´s never over. But the Paris streets were my workshop. While loafing along the streets ideas for the stories would grow in my head.

I chose this quotation because I think what Morley is saying is something new for me because normally if you think about writers is boring, they just seat there and write about boring stuff, they they usually look so boring in person too, I think like they don’t express their feelings in life, they express that writing and reading, but Callaghan seems more like the other people, he is expressing on both, so that´s interesting for me and I never think about it.


3 thoughts on “IR Ashley”

  1. Hey Ashley, I really like the way you’re interpreting Callaghan. I would just suggest that you try to make your sentences a little shorter, so they’re easier to read.

  2. Hi Ashely, I like your chosen quote, but I would suggest not repeating some of your sentences while writing a paragraph.


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