IR Ashley Paez

That summer in Paris written by Morley Callaghan, memories of tangled friendships with Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and some others, published in 1963. This part I am interested in what Loretto and Callaghan think of Paris and the experience in the theater.

That night Loretto and I, staying on the Right Bank, went to a movie where we were quickly reminded we were in Paris and not at home, The usher led us to a good seat. After we had been watching the movie for fifteen minutes the usher returned, ask to see our tickets, gave our seats to two other patrons who had tripped her, and led us back to the rear. so we had at least learned one thing in paris: in the theatre you have to tip the usher. I told Loretto there was something else we might as well learn just as quickly: to feel at home in Paris all by ourselves.

I choose this quotation because I am interested in what Callaghan and Loretto talked about and thought about the things they did not know about Paris, they had this experience in the theater of Paris, and they are learning and knowing more about this beautiful city. pg 86.