India is a wonderful country, all of my international friends have always wished to visit it for the food, the culture, and the monuments. Although I was born and raised in Dubai and it will always be my home, India is somewhere I will visit often for the food.

There are many factors that I like and hate about India. The street foods are extremely spicy and finger-licking delicious. We eat bread glazed with butter and enormous amounts of spices with friend cutlets, hand made swirled ice cream on cones, round fried crisps dipped in sweet and spicy flavoured waters and a lot more. I love the culture, the way in which we celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. We gather in large family groups, about 200 people and more, to worship our Gods and our beliefs. Although I am an atheist, I do enjoy celebrating these festivals with my cousins and having fun.

Besides the food and culture, the factors that I hate about India are the people, the pollution and the environment. India is one of the most unsafe countries for women to live in, over thirty-thousand women are raped every year. The amount of pollution in the air is extremely unsafe to breathe in, most of the people leave trash on the sides of roads. I do not like the uncleanliness, and the thinking of our society is horrendous. There is a gradual change happening, but it will take a lot of time.

Besides all these factors, I am proud of my country. Coming from a nation of culture and tradition is amazing. I will stand up for my land’s national anthem with pride and hope in my eyes for what we as a country have been through.



4 thoughts on “India”

  1. Divya, this is both heartfelt and—especially when it comes to the food—detailed enough for us to imagine clearly what you are describing. To improve: More editing and proofreading would bring your expression up to the high level of your content. For starters, Error 41: the run-on sentence. (The cure is in Error 22.)

  2. Hi Divya! The way you describe Indian culture is amazing. The food sounds delicious and the festivals sound like incredible celebrations. You also touched on a very important issue, about the unsafety of women in India. It’s an extremely sad reality. Nobody should have to fear those issues, which is why it’s so devastating that you, and many others do. You wrote this very well!!

  3. “Hi Divya, I enjoy reading about your lifestyle and the culture of India. I do agree that people need to become much aware of trying to keep the earth clean.”

  4. Divya! I enjoyed so much this writing! The way you explain different topics of your country is beautiful! Lots of details and I felt it was deep writing. I’m sure someday I’ll visit India! Can’t wait!


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