Independent Reading / Stormbreaker

In the novel Stormbreaker by Antony Horrowitz, 14-year-old Alex Rider, an agent of the Secret Service, into which Sales Enterprises has infiltrated as computer freak Felix Lester. Here he is supposed to get to the bottom of why Sales, apparently without any self-interest, produces computers which he then wants to give away to all schools in England. The chapter “Death in the long grass” is  his last day to test the stormbreaker.

Alex was woken up by an indignant Nadine Vole, knocking at his door. He had overslept. “This morning it is your last opportunity to experience the stormbreaker,” she said. “Right,” Alex replied. “This afternoon we begin to send the computers out to the schools. Herr Sayle has suggested that you take the afternoon for leisure. A walk perhaps into Port Tallon? There is a footpath that goes through the fields and then by the sea. You will do that, yes?” “Yes I’d like that.

This scene shows me two interesting things. First of all it’s funny that a superspy is a human who also oversleep. On the other hand I recognize that his day is also structured like my day in Brookes.