Independent Reading Journal (Oct 1.) The Call Of The Wild – By Jack London

In the book “The Call of the Wild”, Author Jack London is narrating the life of the character Buck, a fierce dog who is taken away from his rightful home, and placed to work in the Yukon. The story is about love, betrayal, emotional and physical challenges, as well as strength.

The quote below takes place when Buck and John Thornton develop a strong relationship with each other, after John saves Bucks life. Many times in the story, Buck saves John’s life. Then in the final chapter, John pays the ultimate price, when he is killed by Native Americans.

“Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time.” Chapter 6. The call of the wild.

I  love this quote, as it reassured me that Buck was going to survive and that there was someone in the Yukon that truly cared about him. I personally think this book is genius. The story is based around an animals perspective of life, but all the feelings he experiences about breaking through and fulfilling his destiny, can be related to humans as well.

However, I personally wonder if the author meant that Buck was experiencing love for the first time ever since he was stolen from his original owner (Judge Miller) , or if he meant that Buck has never felt this kind of love before in general. It would be nice if Jack London was still alive, to get some input on the subject.



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  1. Hi Will, this was great! You summarized the storyline very clearly, and it was engaging. I liked how you asked a question in the end, but well, it is hard to avoid “plot holes”… (And it is harder to spot one, hah)
    My suggestion would be that you could possibly elaborate more on the topic of relationships between humans and animals, as it is truly very interesting. ^ ^


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