Independent reading (girl in pieces) IRJE #4

In Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow  her life is entering a new chapter, a better chapter. Yet we still don’t know too much about her we have found out her name is Charlotte/Charlie. She’s trying to explain how she got to this point in her life and she put it in a poem that she reads. In one point of the poem she says

Girl listens to radio. Girl finds music. Girl has whole other.               world.

Girl slips on headphones. World gone

Girl draws and draws and draws. World gone. (Pg.82)

In this specific part of the poem I felt very touched sort of understood. Not only was she stating how music and the arts as a hole can affect your life, personally she was talking about the things I love. I listen to music 99% of the time and when you really listen to it it feels like the whole world can disappear, it’s an escape from reality. Not only that but art is a way of expressing your emotions. Sometimes explaining how you feel it’s too hard to put into words, and in this book she has mentioned that before for example.

I wish my eyes could tell her sorry because I had no words (pg.19)

For meany girl such as Charlie and I instead of using your body or your eyes to tell someone what you’re trying to say we use art. This book portrays arts not only as a pass time, Or a creative outlet but away of communication and within it’s a hole world.

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