Independent Reading Jan 1

The Crown, by Kiera Cass

This book is the fourth one of the sequel “The Selection”.

A little bit of context is that in this world, society is divided by castes from 12 to 1. Number 1 represents royalty, and number 12 represents the poorness.

For a new princess to be selected, there would be a “contest” in which the prince would pick her future wife. The royalty would pick around 20 girls from all castes, then they would be taken to the palace for the prince to meet them. Little by little, the prince would start to get rid of the girls until he would finally pick the girl he falls in love with. In this case America Singer from caste 11, became the new queen.

The Crown starts by introducing a new narrator. In the past three books, America was the narrator. In this book, her daughter Eadlyn, takes her place.

A new selection has began, Eadlyn would now have to pick her future husband. The problem is, Eadlyn is against the way the selection is being run. She hates the idea of having to send away guys she doesn’t like.

I felt a sudden flutter of worry. But why? I stopped myself and rearranged my thoughts. I didn’t want this. (3.88-90)

Although Eadlyn claims that she doesn’t care about the Selection, her internal dialogue tells a different story. Unfortunately for her, this is only going to become more conflicted as the competition rolls on.


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