Independent Reading

I am still continuing the book I wrote about in my first IREJ, Wilder girls, by Rory Power. Since I have gotten farther into the book, it has started to get more interesting. The virus that goes around is called the “tox”, and there is a new girl named Reese, that got introduced to the story, she came out of quarantine, after being in there for months. The tox really effected her, and when she came out of quarantine, everyone was surprised to see she was even alive. Continuing on, Hetty, the main character, got a role called Boat Shift. Everyone in the school wants that shift, because you get to go outside of the school. Originally, you are not allowed to leave the school because the head of Raxtor school taught the girls thats its “dangerous”. There are roles that the girls are given like it’s their “education”, they learn how to do that certain thing, and every month the roles change.

” Oh my god” Byatt says, colour drained from her face.

I can’t move, hurt hollowing out my chest. We’ve fought before, but only over rations. It always ends there. Thats the line we stay behind.

Reese blinks, clears her throat. “She’s fine,” she says gruffly. “She’ll be fine.” (pg.45)

Overall, this book is starting to get more interesting, and i’m starting to enjoy reading it. I am excited to see what happens, and if Hetty has any issues with her new role, Boat Shift. Lots of new characters are coming into the book, and things are starting to get kind of creepy.

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